Anna Deacon & Vicky Allan

Anna Deacon has worked as a photographer for over a decade, following a career in the music industry. Her work has been published in many magazines and newspapers. She loves to photograph the outdoors and particularly loves portrait and documentary work. Vicky Allen is an award-winning journalist and author. A Staff Writer for the Herald on Sunday, her work has also appeared in The Times, Daily Express, Vogue, GQ, the Guardian and Scotland on Sunday. She has won awards for her travel-writing, features writing and for her articles campaigning against violence against women. Her novel Stray is currently being adapted as a feature film. She has always loved the outdoors and wild places.

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Books by Anna and Vicky

For the love of Trees by Vicky Allan and Anna Deacon

For The Love of Trees

Black & White, 2020

For the Love of Trees is a beautiful celebration of trees and our connection with them. Combining amazing photographic portraits of people and trees with powerful personal testimonies, it tells stories of unique relationships with favourite trees. There are stories of people who have fought for trees, put down roots by planting them; found solace among them during times of grief; fallen in love through them; felt uplifted or relieved from stress or anxiety in their presence; known the way a window out on a tree can help during times of illness; memorialised loved ones through them; protected them and sought to understand them. These are stories of why trees have mattered to individuals, and how they have impacted on the lives of people whose own span, particularly in the case of older trees, is just a fraction of rings in their existence. Above all, this is a book about relationships – between humans and these majestic, long-living plants – at this time of climate emergency. For the Love of Trees is both unique and timely, as we look to find a new balance between humanity and our planet.

Anna Deacon and Vicky Allan - Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge: The Healing Power of Wild Swimming for Mind, Body and Soul

Black & White, 2019

This book will empower! Told through the incredible stories and breathtaking photos of those who wild swim, it shows how wild swimming can help you to physical and mental health. These are people who have brought their chronic pain, grief, loss, depression, stress and anxiety to the wild waters of seas, lakes and rivers. There they have found joy, confidence, fun, adventure and friendship. These experiences are backed up with the latest science and expert thought, and researched through interviews, on why coldwater swimming is both a mindful and physiologically healing practice. But, more importantly, Taking the Plunge tells how wild swimming works, through the compelling and moving personal stories of people from all walks of life. It features portraits of the swimmers in awe-inspiring scenery, in all weathers, including extremes of ice and snow. Through words and images, it highlights the wild swimming community s inclusivity, joie de vivre and camaraderie. For newcomers, this book serves as a guide to all things wild swimming: what to wear, how to take the first plunge, how to keep safe and warm, and where to go. Above all, these stories of taking the plunge will motivate, inspire and offer an exhilarating way to change your life forever.