Linda Sarah
Linda Sarah is an internationally award-winning artist and writer. Returning from being a singer/pianist in Paris, she received her degree in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. In recent years, she returned to illustrating and storytelling (something she’s loved since tiny). Linda’s debut picture book, Mi and Museum City, was released to wide acclaim, being the Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week and long-listed for two awards. Her second book, On Sudden Hill, has been published in over ten countries, has won the Nati per Leggere (Born to Read) Award and the Andersen Award, a prestigious Italian literary prize, both in 2016.

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Books by Linda Sarah:

Linda Sarah - Secret Sky Garden
Secret Sky Garden (Simon & Schuster, June 2018)
Illustrated by Fiona Lumbers

A startlingly original picture book about a little girl who creates a garden on a disused car park rooftop. Funni loves the old, disused car park, and spends a lot of time there flying her kite and playing her recorder. But something is missing. So Funni decides to create a garden in the neglected space and after weeks of careful nurture, her garden in the sky takes shape. One day, a little boy, Zoo, spots the square of colour amongst the grey from an incoming flight, and decides to try to find it. And slowly, not only do Funni’s flowers bloom, but a very special friendship blossoms too.

Tom’s Magnificent Machines (Simon & Schuster, August 2018)
Illustrated by Ben Mantle

A magical, captivating picture book about the power of love between a son and his father. Tom and his dad are good at making things. Their inventions start out simple, but they quickly become bigger, faster, crazier – and they almost always involve wheels. But then Dad loses his job, and everything changes. Sadness clouds the house like a winter sky. That is, until Tom comes up with a brilliant plan that takes their amazing vehicle inventions and creates something astounding – something the world has never seen before . .

Linda Sarah - On Sudden Hill
On Sudden Hill, illustrated by Benji Davies
Birt and Etho are best friends, they play on Sudden Hill, making marvellous contraptionsout of cardboard boxes. But then a new boy, Shu, wants to join in too. Birt isn’t sure that he wants Shu to join them. Eaten up with jealousy, he goes home and refuses to come out to play. Until Etho and Shu come to his house with the most marvellous cardboard contraption so far…

Linda Sarah - Mi and Museum City
Mi and Museum City
With so many museums to visit, you would think Mi would have lots to do. But he’s bored and lonely; the city is full of museums about uninteresting things and the serious people who own these uninteresting things. But a beautiful sound leads him to Yu (a big, tall thing) and together they try to persuade the Mayor to open museums about some of the more enjoyable things in life, such as The Museum of Starlit Benches Arranged at Different Heights for Pebble-Dropping and Other Fun Things. Will they succeed and revolutionise Museum City?